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The Post newsletter is curated by the Institute for Critical Indigenous Studies (CIS) and Arts Indigenous Student Advising (AISA) in UBC’s Faculty of Arts.  It is primarily sent to students registered in our programs, First Nations and Indigenous Studies (FNIS) and First Nations and Endangered Languages (FNEL), as well as Indigenous students enrolled at the University of British Columbia. However, we encourage all students to subscribe, as contained within the bi-weekly editions is important information about CIS news, upcoming events, general student advising reminders within the Faculty of Arts, recent job postings, deadlines of various scholarships and awards, and current events coverage; all of which have an Indigenous-student focus or Indigenous studies-related topics.

If you or your organization would like to advertise your event or to circulate a piece of news that is suited to our body of readers, please send an email to cis.comms@ubc.ca.

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